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From Shake Shack to Smorgasburg, we've rounded up the 30 most Instagrammed restaurants in New York City. The weekend is here, so it's time to relax, cut loose, and take a moment to enjoy the deliciousness of the world around us. Crisp, crunchy chicken; shaved cabbage and lettuce for freshness; some kind of thick, gooey sauce; and a properly soft, squishy bun to hold it all together. One more pic of my Raspberry Matcha Layer Cake 🌿💞 just because I took too many, because I love it and because it's Spring! 😘❤💚Love Hxx #plantbased #vegancake A post shared by Hana 🌿 Nirvana Cakery (@nirvanacakery) on Spring is finally here, and we're celebrating (virtually) with this delightfully gorgeous cake.He was so shocked that he put it in the script [ end is kind of an emotional, dreaming end. She goes with him, she leaves Pino—but the faces at the end, they’re kind of, loneliness. Even though they’re together now, it’s still ambiguous. As a woman, I think that when you leave a person that’s been with you for so many years, it’s not always a happy decision, you know? What was the best thing you ate while shooting the show?This is my favorite choice, because I don’t really like when a director gives you the definite end of a story. There is always something that is boiling inside you, if you made the right choice or not. If I went to Rome, what would give me away as an American tourist—besides speaking English? When we were in Modena, we shot in Massimo Bottura’s restaurant, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had in my life.Currently, there are more than 50 million Instagram posts, using the hashtag “#foodporn,” and the phrase is tagged on Twitter about every two seconds.Bethenny Frankel, of “Real Housewives” and Skinnygirl fame, will exec produce the project.The show is the perfect vehicle for Aziz to eat the best food in the world. I always say to him, “You’re a bastard,” and he knows that. He sends me, like, pictures everywhere he goes in restaurants, and I send pictures of my grandmother cooking in Naples.

We There are some plates, however, that show up on a New Yorker's feed all the time.

’s critically acclaimed second season by a pure stroke of luck. It was really interesting to see how he [Ansari] lived in Modena before the show. I saw the place; I met the people who were here making pasta every day.

The petite Italian actress (born in Naples, raised in Rome, currently residing in London) was only able to audition for series star and co-creator Aziz Ansari after he missed a flight to New York from London, and rushed to meet him at her agent’s suggestion. I didn’t believe him, that he actually lived in Modena for a long period on his own, making pasta. During the stop of the shooting over there, we were just going around and eating more food. I never tasted anything that he made, so I don’t know if he actually can make pasta or not. I think he never did it because he’s too afraid of me, of my judgment [ and the great Italian neorealism films. he always was telling me you have to feel what is written on the script. It’s rare that you find someone that can say to you, ‘Change it if you don’t like it.’ A lot of writers are really possessive about their own project. Your character comes to New York, and she really loves the drugstore Duane Reade, which I thought was so funny. I know this sounds stupid, but that was actually something that happened to me.

For example, consider first a 2004 brain-imaging study with people who hadn’t eaten for around 20 hours.

The sight and smell of yummy food sent a massive jolt through their hungry brains, increasing their neuro-metabolism (the amount of energy consumption in their brains) by a whopping 24 percent compared with a baseline condition in which they lay in the scanner talking about their family while looking at and smelling photos of people and nature scenes.