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Cam makes it a habit to wear eye-catching yellow every time she goes out in public.

The strings and acoustic guitar in her breakout #1 Platinum-certified smash, the Grammy and ACM Awards nominated "Burning House," are stirringly fragile, a brave counterpoint to the party atmosphere of modern country.

Certainly, things have changed since then, and the i Phone 7 Plus and other phones with bokeh effects have really upped the smartphone photography game.

However, DSLRs are still king in several categories based on a test by Ars Technica, and serious photographers can't imagine life without them.

Whether she's singing about fresh love, broken hearts or difficult personal crossroads, she's clearly living the experience for the three or four minutes she's in it.Buying a DSLR camera (short for digital single lens reflex) is a great way to achieve this a hands-on test between the i Phone 6, a DSLR, and a point-and-shoot camera a couple of years ago.Although bisexual people make up a slight majority of the LGBTQ community, they're less likely to be out to family, friends, and colleagues, and per Townsend these damaging stereotypes contribute to that fact.She highlighted The CW's —both shows whose writers have consulted with GLAAD—for their positive bi representation.