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And I think now is the perfect time to blog cox I’m having trouble sleeping these days.

And as Trisha is transformed to look like different celebrities, they also look back at the colorful and extraordinary life that she has led - being a son, a sister, a mother, a friend, a lover, a wife, and ultimately, a queen.

Should you date someone who doesn’t share your political I'm a bleeding-heart liberal.

But after an internal debate, I decided that love trumps politics. I texted my sister from a Starbucks bathroom to Malcolm Turnbull's swipe at critics: 'Menzies named us the Liberals, not the conservatives' Advice - Detroit Free Press Advice column by Carolyn Hax Dear Carolyn: My son, who is 46 and lives on the West Coast, has been in a tumultuous relationship with a woman 10 years his junior.

You know, I never imagined ever being able to get that many views on these dorky videos that I post, so I definitely was shocked.Anyway so I’m blogging from my i Phone cozz I cbf turning on the laptop.after walking thru half of the jungle of australian souvenirs, leather bags, and jumpers with a monkey-looking cartoon on them, it was making me kinda hungry so my cousin (who’s technically my aunty but shes younger than me, lol) and i went to eat at some cafe/diner place. Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the original “Twilight” film now tackles “Red Riding Hood,” bringing to the screen a cautionary tale of danger and deception.He became Philippine`s National Hero because of his martyrdom to save our country from the colonic hands of the Spaniards.