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Looking like a tour programme with holiday snaps for the saturation television coverage of big corporate festivals it only succeeds in highlighting the incestuous nature of the media and bands that operate in this world.

Edith seems to use it as a dating service and has gone from the bloke with a beard in Elbow to the one in the Editors who decided he didn’t really want to be Ian Curtis after all.

DJ Edith Bowman's a favourite face on the music scene and a well-known presenter.

She tells Gabrielle Fagan the six life lessons she's learnt SCOTTISH DJ, Edith Bowman, 43, who first found fame in 2001 on MTV alongside Cat Deeley, and for ten years hosted shows on BBC Radio One, currently presents a breakfast show on Virgin Radio.

Alexandra Shulman has been editor of British Vogue for 25 years but says she never felt as much the part as her US counterpart.

‘I don’t try to be perfect; none of us should be striving for that’ Getty As a breakfast radio show host with two young children, Edith Bowman knows all too well how stressful life can get when it’s hectic.

But since discovering and practicing mindfulness, the DJ has found her inner calm, and is finding herself to be a better parent as a result.

Great British Music Festivals – Edith Bowman (Blink Publishing) Out Now Edith Bowman chronicles some of the best experiences on offer across the British festival calendar. If the lid hadn’t been secured and the box lowered into the ground years ago then Edith Bowman’s “Great British Music Festivals” (£16.99) would be the man in a twat hat and Kasabian tee shirt hammering the final nail into the coffin of the festival as any sort of alternative to day to day existence.

From the the two day advertising opportunity that is V to the family fun day of Latitude it perfectly reflects the blandness of the modern festival.