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With Jeremy’s gay relationship at the centre, last night’s episode harked back to those good old days in ways recent series just haven’t.

After touching on monks, The Atlas Mountains, Moroccan cuisine, Corfu, adultery, The Hairy Bikers, obsession and stalking, it ended with Mark scribbling on a block of cheddar with a blue pen to create a “tasty young Stilton” and drinking a “Moroccan” cocktail made of water, rum, vinegar, lettuce and salt with a theologian called Angus.

The first two series used surreal jokes to prod issues including sexuality, race, politics and disease.

Remember when Mark led Jeremy to believe their downstairs neighbour Toni’s sister Pauline had cancer?

It’s like there are two Jeremys in there humping each other.

That would be his dream.” Jeremy and Joe’s orgasmic groans resound in the background. After describing gay sex as “like getting your car fixed at the actual dealership, they know all the codes” and calling his life “a 24/7 blowjob bonanza”, Jez worries he’s too old for Joe, that he’s not “young, dumb and full of cum”. full of cum,” Mark answers, glancing disgustedly at the Fruit Corner yoghurt in his hand. The best thing about Peep Show when it started in 2003 was its excruciating weirdness.

A few reasons for this include: Aside from the desire to dress up in the name of fashion or Instagram, a big reason tourists to Morocco ignore the dress code is because of the heat.

And as I have gotten used to the customs of the country, I’ve begun to be a little taken aback when I see girls wandering around the traditional (‘cities’ in Moroccan Arabic) in short skirts and crop tops.

The Indonesian public lambasted the Indonesian police after Human Rights Watch released a report that police conducted “virginity tests” on female applicants in the police recruitment process. They argue that it is sexist, painful and traumatising.

They also point out that virginity is irrelevant to whether or not an officer would be able to do her police duty.

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