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A couple of sightings involved captive mountain lions that escaped from licensed facilities in New York State.

Another sighting involved a wild cougar that traveled through New York as it trekked nearly 1,800 miles east from its native population in South Dakota.

Between the 1790s and 1890s, their range contracted significantly.

The last three eastern cougars were killed in 1930 in Tennessee, 1932 in New Brunswick, and 1938 in Maine.

"Our recent survey showed that many of our female members enjoy watching sports, and love baseball in particular," said the site's spokes-cougar Marlo Jordan.

On June 16, 2015, the USFWS proposed removing it from the endangered species list.

That's why Jennifer Conlin's Style section piece in is so upsetting, though I'm sure she—a mom—didn't mean to belittle her own daughter with that phrase. But that's a semantic problem: "Cougar" has become such a common term (see Conlin goes on to reflect upon her own prom days, in which she went with an older boy, a time in which neither she nor her friends would have ever considered dating anyone younger than they were.

But, isn't it rather a good thing that this has changed?

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