Olivia harrison dating

She believes in reincarnation, among other things, and all of it has proved a comfort during the dark times that followed Harrison's initial cancer diagnosis in 1997.

She was at his side when he had treatment in Switzerland, New York and, finally, Los Angeles, where he died in 2001.

Does anyone know if Olivia has a boyfriend or a romance going with someone?

From what I read, she is still in love with George and has no plans to re-marry and is also planning on keeping Friar Park. And I really don't think she needs or wants to - after all the Paul Mccartney dating/marriage drama with Heather Mills, I wouldn't be suprised if Olivia kept her love life away from the press.

She was a secretary at Dark Horse Records, where she met George Harrison in 1974.

Arias gave birth to the couple's son, musician Dhani Harrison, in August 1978.

But there was nothing larger than life about George Harrison.

During a press conference a few weeks after filming finished, he surprised everyone present by going on the attack over allegations that Madonna had been impossible to work with, passionately denouncing the assembled journalists as ‘animals’.

Proceeds from the event were given to George's Material World Charitable Foundation.

Harrison's video production received the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video in 2004.

That is the whole point of meditation, the whole point of spiritual practice," says Olivia.

After all, Scorsese is famous for making high-octane dramas peopled with big characters, such Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver or Tommy the psychotic mobster in Goodfellas.